Indian Pharmaceutical Company, Udupi

Jaundinip Tablets

Located at Udupi(India), we are reckoned for providing excellent array of products throughout the country. We meticulously pack the entire lot for ensuring safe and secure deliveries across the boundaries.


Indications : Non-obstuctive Jaundice , Hepatic and Spleenic Dysfuctions, Alcholic Liver Xirrhosis.


Ingredients :  Shilajith-70mg., Chitramoola-50mg., Katuki-50mg., Ajawana-50mg., Mandura Bhasma-10mg., Bhu Amalaki-100mg., Triphala-70mg., Chavya-50mg., Kasamarda-50mg., Abarka Bhasma(101)- 10mg.


Dosage : 2 Tabs 3 times or 4 times  daily for adult till the symptoms are cleared. As maintenance.


Availability : 100 tabs, 500 tabs and 1000 tabs packings.